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When you get a job, be prepared to prove yourself.
Review the Job Search Packet #3 – Starting a Job.

You will need to:

  • Work harder, faster, and better than the other people around you to prove to your boss that you are worth gambling on.
  • Make sure you avoid any conflict at work – your boss may treat you more harshly than other employees who don’t have a criminal history. So, stay away from people who get in arguments or fights.
  • Do not even listen to people who are talking about arguments because the boss may assume you are the one starting the problems.
  • Don’t talk about your crimes in normal conversation – some people will think you are gloating. They may assume that you think it is fun, “cool” or acceptable to commit crimes and they may suspect you of things you haven’t done.
  • If a co-worker asks you directly if you have a criminal history, either:
  • Say, “I prefer not to talk about personal matters at work.” OR
  • Use the 5-step answer from your interview.
  • If your boss asks you directly about your crimes, do not be defensive. Look him/her straight in the eye and use the 5-step answer from your interview.
  • Be sure to be working whenever anyone looks.
  • Avoid sneaky behaviors.
  • Always be where you are supposed to be.
  • On breaks, only spend time with the “good” workers because you will be judged by the people you are with.
  • There may come a time when you are accused of something – STAY CALM. Do not get defensive and try to be as helpful as possible. Remember that everyone gets accused of things they didn’t do, and as long as you have nothing to hide, everything will work out okay. Just keep being a great worker and don’t give up.


The application is a important part of the interview process. We have provided a link to a practice application form for you to print out and practice filling out. You may also use the following online application form to practice applying online for employment. The information provided will be sent to the Utah Farmworker program via email and not shared with actual employers.

Print Application Link

Online Application Link

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