Whenever a new person is hired, they must be trained in the following, before starting work:
  1. Pesticides may be on or in plants, soil, irrigation water, or drifting from nearby applications
  2. Prevent pesticides from entering your body by:
    •  Following directions and/or signs about keeping out of treated or restricted areas
    •  Washing before eating, drinking, using chewing gum or tobacco, or using the toilet
    •  Wearing work clothing that protects the body from pesticide residues
    •  Washing/showering with soap and water, shampoo hair and put on clean clothes after work
    •  Washing work clothes separately from other clothes before wearing them again
    •  Washing immediately in the nearest clean water if pesticides are spilled or sprayed on the body and, as soon as possible, showering, shampooing, and changing into    clean clothes
  3. Further training will be provided within 5 days
Remember: The complete WPS Training still must be completed before the end of the 5th day of work.
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