Required Documents for Application

To apply for this program, a farmworker must present the following, and complete an application with one of FTT’s case managers:

Valid Forms of Proof:

  • Legal Permission To Work In The U.S.
  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Legal Permanent Resident Status
  • Legal Temporary Resident Status
  • Work Permit
  • H2-A Visa
  • Social Security Number The Applicant's Original, Valid, Signed Social Security Card
  • All Income for Everyone in the Household for the 24 Months Before Applying

Note: More than half the time or income for 12 consecutive months must have been farm work
All Household Income Must Be Verified.

  • Check Stubs
  • W-2 Forms
  • A Letter from the Contractor or Farmer
  • Proof of Family Size

Note: If applying as a dependant of a Farmworker, the applicant must be able to show relationship

  • Taxes
  • Birth Certificates
  • Family Bible

Income Limits

All Income From All Sources For Everyone In The Household In the 12 Month Eligibility Period Must Not Exceed:

Number In Household
Non-Metro Areas
Rural Towns Like:
Corinne, Milford, Genola, Payson, and Green River
Metro Areas Cities Like:
Ogden, Salt Lake, Provo,
and Cedar City
1  $11,114  $11,292
2  $18,263  $18,507
3  $25,075  $25,409
4  $30,950  $31,367
5  $36,528  $37,013
6  $42,720


For each additional person, add: $6,192 $6,279

Amounts designated in the March 27, 2019 Federal Register for 70% of the Lower Living Standard Income Level.