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Application Process Questions

Who can apply for the Utah Farmworker Program?

Anyone who has a legal right to work in the U.S. & has worked or is the dependant of someone who has worked in Agriculture in the last 2 years.

How many people in one family can apply for services?

There is no limit. We recommend that all family members apply and go through the program together. It creates a solid support system and helps increase the success of each family member.

How old do you have to be to apply?


Is there an age limit for participation?


How long does it take to complete an application?

The application itself takes about 2 hours to complete. But, the application cannot be completed without all of the proof, and that takes as long as the applicant may take to gather the information.

What documentation & proof does an applicant need?

Click here for a complete list. (not a link currently)

Can FTT waive the requirement for any of the application proof?

No. This is a Federal Program & FTT must follow all laws and regulations for the National Farmworker Jobs Program.

Does a Farmworker's live-in girlfriend or boyfriend count as a dependant?


Do the children of Farmworker's live-in girlfriend or boyfriend count as dependants?

Only if they are related by blood, adopted, fostered, or count as dependants on the Farmworker's taxes.

How many times can someone qualify for Emergency Services?

One time a year. The same person can qualify for emergency services two years in a row, but if they apply a third year, they will be required to participate in Training Services if they want services.

How long does it take to process an application before an applicant can get services?

After all of the application is completed, all proof provided, and any requested information is gathered, it may take as long as 2 weeks to process before financial services are possible.

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