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To apply for Utah Farmworker Program, a Farmworker or his/her dependents will need to schedule an appointment to complete an Application with a Case Manager from the Utah Farmworker Program. You can reach us at 801-394-9774 ext 118.

At this appointment the Farmworker will need to  provide the following information:

Proof of Citizenship or Legal right to work in the United States:  US Birth Certificate, Work Permit, Permanent Resident Card, Temporary Resident Card, H2-A Visa 

Social Security Number:  Social Security Card

Proof of Family Size:  Birth Certificates, Taxes, Family Bible

Work History and any Income received by the Farmworker and any household members for the previous two years:  Check Stubs, W-2 Forms, Letter from Contractor or Employer, Employer Printout

Note: More than half the time or income for 12 consecutive months must have been farmwork.  All Household Income Must Be Verified.

Note: If applying as a dependent of a Farmworker, the applicant must be able to show the relationship.